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Young Entreprenuer

Sometimes you can be too cool when you go for a bank loan. You don't dress appropriately. You forget you need to take a business card along with you. You don't even a business plan ready. You don't have a website or mobile app ready, not even a mock demo is available. You think just because you have an MBA (or not) you can get a bank loan from anywhere. Those are some of the many mistakes you make when you think of setting up your business. You need help from experts. Brand You Digital Services is the right expert to help you avoid those mistakes and mess ups. Remember, your first impression is your last especially when you are trying to get money or an investment. Trust the experts!

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Google Domains - The Future of Domains

With the beta test of Google Domains starting in India, domains have got costlier but more advanced and easier to use and share! That's right we said share! Backed on the interface popularly known and used for Google Services, Google Domains makes buying, transferring and sharing access for certain tasks easier. From setting up Google Apps, to setup for a blogger account or connecting with various other providers or even custom DNS - Google Domains has ticked all the right options. We explored this for our own Brand You Domain and a few other client domains, and we found this relatively easy and fun to use! Transferring domains from Godaddy to Google was painless though had a couple of steps, and the transfer of the domain was almost instant after confirmation of the transfer on both ends!

A Successful Interview

A Successful Interview