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Digital Media & Marketing Schedule!

Here is a sample of a Brand You Digital Media & Marketing Schedule!
If you don’t have one you should make one immediately! This schedule helps plan out your strategies for a month. Remember, to update it regularly or change it as per your
Brand You Digital Media & Marketing SCHEDULE
MonthsJanuary 2017 to July 2017Subject to change and approvals. This is just a sample schedule.
Major AreasDigital Media LaunchesDigital Media & DesigningKiosk & Flyers & On GoingNewspaper & On GoingMixed FocusMixed FocusMixed Focus
Social Media2 Posts a Week 2 Posts a Week 2 Posts a Week4 Posts a week 2 Posts a week2 Posts a week2 Posts a week
Advisory ServicesYesOn GoingOn GoingOn GoingOn GoingOn GoingOn Going
Just DialNoNoYesOn GoingOn GoingOn GoingOn Going
Google Reviews & BusinessNoNoYesOn GoingOn GoingOn GoingOn Going
Website AnalyticsYesOn GoingOn GoingOn GoingOn GoingOn GoingOn Going
Mobile ApplicationNoStartOn GoingOn GoingOn GoingOn GoingOn Going
App Mobile NotificationsNoYesOn GoingOn GoingOn GoingOn GoingOn Going
You TubeNoStartOn GoingOn GoingOn GoingOn GoingOn Going
ContestsNoYesOn GoingOn GoingOn GoingOn GoingOn Going
Newspaper AdsNoNoNoYesNoNoYes
Flyer DistributionNoNoNoNoYesYesNo
Website UpdatingNoNoNoYesYesNoNo
Graphic DesigningNoNoYesNoYesNoYes
Radio AdvertisingNoNoNoNoNoNoYes
Cinema AdvertisingOnly during blockbuster movies for a week.
Additional WorkTo be charged extra.


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