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Brand You is hiring

Brand You is hiring full time PHP Web Developers, Content & Creative Writers, Graphic Designers, Photographers, and even Back Office and Front Office Staff, and Marketing Executives for it’s expansion. Interested in working with us? Email your resume to or call us at +91 8000000876. Learn more about us at !

Big Boss is here at Brand You

Hi Brand You Customers Tomorrow we will begin introducing an important update to support all our Word Press customers around the world. We wanted to make sure you were the first to know about this update so you can communicate these changes to your clients. Here’s a quick summary of the changes you and your clients can expect to see: We will be offering complimentary Word Press Plugin and Theme updates to all our customers through our new Automated System called the “Big Boss”.All Word Press customers should contact us in advance so that we can help manage your accounts. We will need to install a plugin to your Word Press account so that we can then monitor for security risks, and patches and automatically update them for you.This offering is only valid to customers who are subscribed to our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). Please note that if you are not on our AMC, you should contact us immediately so that we can assist you to get on board it. The channel update will be rolled out …

# Hash Tags

# (HASH) tags, and all that non-sense that people use on Facebook, won’t help you improve your brand. In fact you are probably instead asking your customers to look at other options and alternatives who share the same # (Hash) tags! So the next time your Social Media Manager Amateur talks about using one, make sure its something that only you plan to use otherwise you might get surprised when a customer goes somewhere else on your “Hijacked” # (HASH) tag. Be smart by being simple! Brand You …hush the # (Hash) tag away! Don’t believe us – see what you find at‪#‎ihatehastags‬ ! Suddenly you will realize that common hash tags are used by so many others around you – probably your competitors too! Trust the Experts –  079 26460121

Data Center Audits comlete – SSAE-16 SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2 and ISAE-3402

Brand You is happy to have just completed another round of annual audits and certification testing. Our data center in the United States has once again attained SSAE-16 SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2 and ISAE-3402 data center certifications. Additionally, we continue to offer a HIPAA and PCI compliant data centers for our customers. Each of these audits and certifications is valid for 1 year. We will back at it again starting in March of 2017.

Doctors – Do You have your own website?

Brand You wants to ask all of the doctors around the world – Do you have your own personal website ? Does your hospital have a revolutionary website that will really make people spend their day on it ? Is Social Media bringing you patients ? What about videos like these? Do people stop, and actually view them? What about mobile applications that really make sense and are used by patients ? Is your hospital and clinical management software working as it should be ? If any of your answers, are no – you really need Brand You. Even if your answer is yes to all, believe it or not you need a Brand You checkup because we are the only IT providers who have successfully managed to bring healthcare clients satisfaction and provided clear results! Don’t believe us?
Check out our clients on our website at
Call us for a consultation at  079 26460121
Email us at !

New Servers in our USA Datacenter with 48GB RAM

All our wonderful new servers in our USA Datacenter in Florida have been upgraded to 48GB RAM. Our clients are demanding just like we are and so to make sure that we were a step ahead, we went ahead and upgraded our servers with loads of RAM. We know you have heard of 8 GB Ram and 16GB RAM but we decided not to stop there and equip our servers with 48GB RAM to ensure that your servers and websites run at the speed of light. Now the only thing for you to make sure you enjoy it, is upgrading your own internet speeds at home or office to match our 1 GBPS networks!