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Tip Number 3: Healthy Fasting & Navratri Fashion!

Healthy Fasting Tip: 3
Fasting is not everyone’s forte, the duration between meals can cause acidity which is not good for one’s metabolism. Always munch on some fast-friendly snacks like a handful of roasted dry fruits or some fruits like banana or watermelon. Nuts are a great source of protein and a handful is enough to make you feel full.
Navratri Fashion Tip: 3
For men’s fashion, a traditional kurta pyjama will not stand out. Try a good waistcoat that matches with the kurta or is contrast of the kurta to make it look more classy. A jodhpuri pant or dhoti with kurta or with a short kurta in subtle colors like deep blue, shades of red and green is considered very stylish.


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