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Tip Number 4: Healthy Fasting & Navratri Fashion

Healthy Fasting Tip: 4
Do you crave for sugar during fasting?? Here’s how you can curb that:
Prepare a delicious fruit salad by mixing your choices of fruits (optionally you can add some dry fruits like raisins, walnuts). You can sprinkle a pinch of rock salt to add some flavor. Fruits contain Fructose, a natural sugar, which fuels the metabolism without adding much calories. Rock salt or sendha namak or sindhav is an unprocessed, pure form of salt that is less saltier than common salt but is more flavorful and also helps with digestion and soothes heart burn. Navratri Fashion Tip: 4
The biggest part of navratri are the dandiya nights involving lots of dancing and moving around, which means lots of sweating. Wearing lots of make-up will lead to meltdown in form of ugly piles, which is definitely a big NO!
Go light on make-up as much as possible with some pop of colors in eye shadows, lipsticks and bindi that you wear. This will add to your look without making your face look like an ugly …

Tip Number 3: Healthy Fasting & Navratri Fashion!

Healthy Fasting Tip: 3 Fasting is not everyone’s forte, the duration between meals can cause acidity which is not good for one’s metabolism. Always munch on some fast-friendly snacks like a handful of roasted dry fruits or some fruits like banana or watermelon. Nuts are a great source of protein and a handful is enough to make you feel full. Navratri Fashion Tip: 3
For men’s fashion, a traditional kurta pyjama will not stand out. Try a good waistcoat that matches with the kurta or is contrast of the kurta to make it look more classy. A jodhpuri pant or dhoti with kurta or with a short kurta in subtle colors like deep blue, shades of red and green is considered very stylish.

Happy and Healthy Fasting!

Many of the devotees observe fast for 9 days of Navratri. But how many of us know the religious and scientific significance of the fasting during Navratri? Here is the significance behind the fasting for 9 days of Navratri, both religious and scientific. Happy and healthy fasting!

Mafia Western Outfit!!

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Chambray & Co.

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