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Brand You in less than a month of operations has already attracted some prominent names in the industry as clients.
Brand You’s quick online presence solutions have already started attracting a lot of people and business to use our services. We having leading doctors as well as real estate builders under our wing.
Brand You provides web site development solutions to some of the leading Chartered Accountants in India such as Shah & Shah ( using PHP & MySql.  Brand You provided Shah & Shah a customized web solution whereby the managers and employees could track their business travel and work done, with time and attendance tracking and reporting. Brand You developed a HR web-solution for the organization.
Brand You has provided CIMS Hospital, a leading hospital in Ahmedabad their very own online presence. Brand You has also provided their chairman and India’s senior cardiologist Dr. Keyur Parikh – his very own professional website.
Brand You also developed the in house web based ERP and Intranet solution for CIMS Hospitalcalled VictoryCare which includes HR management solution, collaboration and personal work management, recruitment solutions, business intelligence systems, departmental applications, etc.
Brand You has provided Dr. Abbas I. Maljiwala, a leading physician and cardiologist doctor in Bharuch, Gujarat his very own online presence and now allow his patients to contact him through his website.
Brand You provided Mr. Parikh a website for his investment management service. Through this dynamic website, Mr. Parikh will be able to provide a members area for his clients who can access personalized dashboards and reports to understand their investment patterns and values.
Brand You provided design, and server hosting solution to -a leader in premier and business class email hosting solutions.
Brand You is working with Shaurya Developers, owned by Mr. Rikkin Aggrawal to develop his real estate online presence and website as well as his newly launched subsidiary company that deals with fabrics.
Brand You is also working with Mr. Aditya Shah (Chartered Accountant)  to develop his website.
Brand You is also working Mr. Vikram Shah (Chartered Accountant) to develop his investment company’s website.
Some of our developers had been anchors to the development and design of various websites of reputed organizations that can not be mentioned due to non disclosure agreements, but clearly just mentioning the above clients should give you the satisfaction and guarantee that you are looking at a professional company that can give you a very unique and powerful brand image. We are confident that our clients would have great words and compliments for us. You may get in touch when them for real live testimonial or visit their active websites to get an idea of how we can help Brand You.
Let us Brand You !


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