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Price Match or Best Price Guarantee

Price Match or Best Price Guarantee Brand You (Heal LLP) is proud to announce and offer a special Price Match or also known as Best Price Guarantee to ensure that you get the best market price rates (and generally well below the standard market price rates) every single time. Price Match or Best Price Guarantee – is a unique concept at Brand You where we offer to match or beat any price given by vendors assuming they are authentic, clear and definite. Price match or beat guarantee is offered only when the deliverables by another company are being offered to ​all of it’s other clients through a transparent system via their public website.​ The competing company must have equal or more years of experience and proof of deliverables to all it’s other clients. The deliverables must the be same or very similar. This policy is subject to Heal Internet and Financial Services LLP terms and may be changed with our without notice. This offer is also mentioned on the Brand You website on this Blo…

Heal Internet & Financial Services LLP takes over Brand You

Heal Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. (OPC) is now Heal Internet and Financial Services LLP as on 12th Feb, 2015. Prominent changes to the company include: Change / Additional directors.International Clients addedAcquisition of assets from Heal OPC over the next 12 months.Client acquisition and transfer to the new companyClosure of OPCBusiness includes Financial Services