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New Great Price List!

Snacks2Home delivers great Indian snacks like fresh home made Gathiya, Bhaiji Mathiya, Bhaiji Mag, Bhaiji Diabetic Mag, Bhaiji Dal Muth, Bhaiji Vatana, and Bhaiji Papad to your home or office! Call us at +91 9879597980 or send us an email at You can even order online at ! *New Great Price List from October 1, 2014 Snacks2Home offers home delivery of various kinds of delicious Indian snacks such as Gathiya, Mathiya, Mag, Dal Muth, Vatana, and Papad. With transparent and great prices, you don’t need to go out to buy them, especially since Snacks2Home can come home to you! Snacks2Home delivers world wide as well as in India! Let Snacks2Home manage your corporate gifts this year with fantastic indian snacks that will make your friends remember you every year! Call us at +91 9879597980 or send us an email at