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Brand You – Ethics First!

Whenever you buy Web Hosting, make sure you get access to the Control Panel whereby you can create subdomains, email IDs, FTP accounts yourself and not through your “agent”. That’s your right as a web hosting client. Many hosts put too many clients in a single Control Panel and give you just the billing panel login and an FTP account. Don’t get fooled. – Brand You – Ethics First!

At Brand You, we are honest and our clients websites work ! 100% Uptime ! 100% Commitment !

It’s pretty funny how OTHER web hosting company’s advertise themselves with a mobile number but don’t have a fully functional website. Either there’s photos missing or broken, or their clients web site redirects to a page that doesn’t even work anymore ! At Brand You, we are honest and our clients websites work ! 100% Uptime ! 100% Commitment ! Brand You offers web hosting as low as Rs. 500 for 500 MB Storage. That’s a rupee per MB per year with your very own Control Panel too ! And Best of all if you buy a domain from us – you get 1 year of web hosting totally free! Now, that’s awesome ! At Brand You we care … and we also value your money ! Did You Know ? Most companies buy hosting from other companies and then sell hosting wrongly by giving parts of their own storage and not the actual hosting Control Panel to clients. Before you get any website hosting make sure you have control to your CPanel (Control Panel) Brand You always gives its client full control of their site and it’s ow…

Trust a Brand That Cares!

The best way to focus on SEO is ‘Organic’. Print business cards with your website mentioned on it, promote your website through your emails via the Signature, ask people to visit your website to get additional information. Create unique and original content and avoid copying and pasting information from other websites. Introducing the Brand You the International Challenge. Let us create a fantastic website for you and your business for as low as $99. We accept all major credits cards and PayPal. We have some of India’s leading brands as our clients ! Trust only the best ! Trust Brand You ! Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 1.15.41 PM Many companies suggest using ADWORDS for SEO Improvement. Let’s be clear and honest. ADWORDS is used ONLY for Advertising your brand and not for SEO. ADWORDS does not affect Search Engine Optimization at all. It does not bring your website to the top of Search Engines like Google & Bing. So the next time you are told to buy or subscribe to ADWORDS, remember i…

Be ready for a big announcement on June 14, 2014!!

Good Sunday Morning. Ladies and Gentlemen. Be ready for a big announcement on June 14, 2014 (Saturday)! Till then – Watch our video about how Brand You Services are all about Honesty – No False Promises! Introducing the $99 Challenge for our International Clients. Let us build your new website for as low as $99 – That’s right ! PS – Did You Know that – Arihant College of Pharmacy & Venus Institute of Technology are both our clients !

Heal Internet Services Pvt. Ltd.

Heal Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. (OPC) on June 6th, 2014 that had earlier expressed interest in acquiring Brand You (Proprietorship)  would like to acknowledge: Brand You acknowledges it’s interest to become a subsidiary of Heal ISP.Brand You will continue to co-exist under Heal ISP, with no change in membership.Brand You Proprietor will become Director/CEO of Heal Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. (OPC) Under this migration, all existing employees of Brand You (Proprietorship) will get the vast advantages of being under a Private Limited Company.