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Brand You Data center at World Business House, Ahmedabad

Welcome to the Brand You Datacenter at World Business House, Ahmedabad
  • G7 HP Server with 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • Intel i7 4th Generation with 32 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Linux Operating System
  • Cyberoam 15ing UTM and Firewall
  • 1 Gbps Cisco Network Switch for high quality networking
  • 5 Layer Internet Bandwidth to ensure uptime no matter what happens around us.
  • 4 KVA Backup Power Generator to ensure power generation even when Torrent Power fails to supply electricity
  • Intvertor Air Conditioning to ensure strong air conditioning, cooling at the long term reduction of power consumption.
  • 62 Mbps Internet Connectivity (50 Mbps + 12 Mbps) ensuring stability, uptime and speed for all users across the globe.
  • Ping under 40 ms within entire India
  • Virtualization using HyperV
The Brand You Offer: Uptime at 99.99%, 26 hours of backup UPS Power with 62 Mbps speeds
Disaster Recovery Ready:
  • Remote dedicated backup servers located in Singapore, managed by IBM Softlayer
  • Remote dedicated backup servers located in Florida, too.
Brand You datacenter in Ahmedabad is the first one that was built by experience and not by fancy costs.
  • Price: Done it.
  • Security: Done it
  • Safety: Done it
  • Uptime: Done it
We built things to work perfectly and not spend millions just to make it look beautiful.
Brand You’s data center is one of the only centers in Ahmedabad that has been rigorously tested before going live.
All data is saved on encrypted hard drives through state of the art technologies that allow us to ensure the client data is kept secure and safe.
All our servers are monitored both on site and remotely using wireless applications built especially for the need. We are able to access everything on the server including the temperatures of the hard drives and the CPU, let alone important updates and security bulletins for the operating system on our mobile phones. With a single touch of a button, we can update our servers OS, or lock it down in the event of an emergency. We also get notifications in the event of any temperature change that is crucial to the high quality functioning of the server as well as it’s uptime.  Your Brand You hosted server will always enjoy the best uptime in the industry through redundant power, bandwidth and processing. We utilize only the best in class technologies ensuring you do not get any less than you deserve. Featuring our new  monitoring systems, we are able to actively track bandwidth, RAM or Memory utilization including that of Hard Disks, CPU usage and are able to pro-actively take precautions if and when needed. By being able to pro actively measure the data centers performance we are able to ensure that your server, your hosting and your data is managed in the best way possible.
No regrets. No excuse.
Brand You – Leading India. The Best corporate solutions with a brand guarantee.


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