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Our values continue to revolve around Price, Quality and Commitment!

Brand You requires the best. We ensure that our team members are always trying to prove their best. We understand our clients have high demands and it is important that we have the best team ready to give them what they want, otherwise as a business we fail. Our values continue to revolve around Price, Quality and Commitment. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) team in Singapore monitors network performance and security 24×7. Automated DDoS mitigation controls are in place should a DDoS attack occur. Brand You offers 99.99% uptime which in laymans terms means your server and sites are online, pretty much always!

One Stop Solution for al your Problems!

Brand You keeps the price lowest in the industry. We value your money and don’t want to rip you off like others do. We don’t keep staring at your Mercedez and Audi and say – Hey, let’s charge more here since they can afford it. We give you the same quality at the a reasonable price. You can take our team out for lunch if you wish later ! Brand You believes in Commitment. For us, it’s not a day of taking, finishing off and going away. It’s all about taking you forward as we grow. It’s all about respecting your choice and developing your idea. It’s about taking things forward and staying with you no matter what. Certainly, do death do us part – and we have no plans on leaving you then! Designed by Ms. Riya from EDI Management School.

Brand You – a name you can trust !

BRAND YOU – TECHNICAL TIME @ our Singapore Datacenter Brand You’s security management is aligned with U.S. government & Singapore government standards based on NIST 800-53 framework, a catalog of security and privacy controls defined for U.S. federal government information systems. Brand You maintains SOC 2 Type II reporting compliance for every data center. SOC 2 reports are audits against controls covering security, availability, and process integrity. Brand You’s data centers are also monitored 24×7 for both network and on-site security. Security is maintained through automation (less likely for human error) and audit controls. Server room access is limited to authorized employees only, and every location is protected against physical intrusion.

Three Servers in Three Countries!!

Today, we mark our completion of data centers and server rooms across three countries – India, Singapore and United States of America. Our flagship in India will now get the test of time, as we embark on new corporate hosting using the latest i7 servers with 32 GB ram !

Brand You – Now bringing you the latest in technology too!

Brand You – Now bringing you the latest in technology too! Launching tonight — 11:59 PM On Flipkart exclusively is the entry level Moto-E (though seems higher level) at Rs. 6999 , A Dual SIM, 3G, Wifi, Water Proof, FM Radio, and Kit Kat 4.4 ! Moto E (Black) product link:…
Moto E (White) product link:… Check it out tonight ! Expected to be sold out within hours! Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 2.34.21 PM

Brand You Data center at World Business House, Ahmedabad

Welcome to the Brand You Datacenter at World Business House, Ahmedabad G7 HP Server with 16GB DDR3 RAMIntel i7 4th Generation with 32 GB DDR3 RAMLinux Operating SystemCyberoam 15ing UTM and Firewall1 Gbps Cisco Network Switch for high quality networking5 Layer Internet Bandwidth to ensure uptime no matter what happens around us.4 KVA Backup Power Generator to ensure power generation even when Torrent Power fails to supply electricityIntvertor Air Conditioning to ensure strong air conditioning, cooling at the long term reduction of power consumption.62 Mbps Internet Connectivity (50 Mbps + 12 Mbps) ensuring stability, uptime and speed for all users across the globe.Ping under 40 ms within entire IndiaVirtualization using HyperVThe Brand You Offer: Uptime at 99.99%, 26 hours of backup UPS Power with 62 Mbps speeds Disaster Recovery Ready: Remote dedicated backup servers located in Singapore, managed by IBM SoftlayerRemote dedicated backup servers located in Florida, too. Brand You datacent…

fantastic 80GB RAM – Dedicated Server over in Florida !

An image of our fantastic 80GB RAM – Dedicated Server over in Florida ! Have a look at our server ! Real Pictures! Hosting at Brand You seriously rocks! Brand You is now offering a brandyou and brand new way to experience high quality web hosting. Brand You has now added to it’s data center locations, a brand new server in Florida, USA. Disney World , the home of Mickey and Mini Mouse are just a stones throw away and so are the very well known Miami beach and it’s crocodiles ! Brand You servers are thankfully out of reach from the crocs, though we are sure that Mickey and Mini visit our servers once in a while! This adds to the Brand You promise of delivering high quality internet services across the world. Our new Server is Florida offers a ping of under 260 ms ping from India, and is equipped with a whooping 80 GB (80 Gigabytes) of dedicated RAM! Brand You is now one of the only companies in India who host 80 GB of DDR3 RAM on it’s servers! Just imagine the processing speeds and qu…

Our Services are Incredible!!

Just because we price low does not mean that our quality is low. In fact, we offer exactly what other providers offer at more than 5 times the cost. A project costing Rs. 20,000 or more is offered at as low as Rs. 4999 because others charge higher margins and premium. Brand You is all about offering you excellent quality web development, design and hosting at affordable rates. We even own our servers unlike others who buy them elsewhere. That’s how incredible our services are. We are probably the only ones offering a 30 day money back guarantee too! Trust us – our clients would say the same !