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80 GB RAM on our new servers in Florida, USA

Brand You is now offering a brandyou and brand new way to experience high quality web hosting. Brand You has now added to it’s data center locations a brand new server in Florida, USA. Disney Land , the home for Mickey and Mini Mouse are just a stones throw away and so are the very well known Miami beach and it’s crocodiles ! Brand You servers are thankfully out of reach from the crocs, though we are sure that Mickey and Mini visit our servers once in a while! This adds to the Brand You promise of delivering high quality internet services across the world. Our new Server is Florida offers a ping of under 300 ms ping from India, and is equipped with a whooping 80 GB (80 Gigabytes) of dedicated RAM! Brand You is now one of the only companies in India who host 80 GB of DDR3 RAM on it’s servers! Just imagine the processing speeds and quick access of data and files on our maxed out servers!

Brand You is growing ! Thanks to You!

In our way to thank you for your support over the last two months, and also in order to serve you better – Brand You, is now investing into international servers – in Singapore & USA to improve and expand it’s network across the world. Brand You Ahmedabad is also working on upgrading it’s entire network and datacenter in Ahmedabad and will soon take advantage of a completely Fibre Optics network over the next two years. Our expansion plans also include registration as a Private Limited company – which we hope to attain in the next few months. Our total number of team members is increasing on a monthly basis , and we have seen a constant increase in both revenue and expenses – which accounts for a strong growth story for the company. Since our inception a couple of months ago, we have also started offering training for young programmers and IT graduates and offering two month internship to MBA students across the state of Gujarat. We are also offering on line intern-ships for stud…

Employee of the Month: Mr. Kiran Baroliya

We would like to congratulate Mr. Kiran Baroliya for being awarded the first ever Employee of the Month award at Brand You! Congratulations Kiran! We at Brand You, Ahmedabad are proud of you! Keep up the good work! Kiran was the first web developer to join Brand You Ahmedabad, when we started off and has proved himself time and time again as a person who continues to learn, tries hard to improve and never gives up. He never gives up and keeps trying till he gets it right. We hope he continues to work hard, smart and give his 100%. This is just the beginning and there is always a chance to do better, grow further and continue to perform better month after month. Will he do that or will one of our other performers be the star of next month? Only time will tell..stay tuned for next month’s Employee of Month?

New Data Center in Singapore

Last Sunday, our city was shocked by a rare cyclone of sorts, that ripped out small houses, brought trees falling, where people died, and internet and telephone lines were cut – including fibre optics lines. Though this is one of those really rare situations, and we were not affected, we took an immediate step to become pro-active and purchased a server over in Singapore and have hired the IBM Company to manage our new secondary dedicated server. Though our Ahmedabad server will continue to run and host websites, we are introducing our new server managed by the IBM Company to ensure that our clients always experience as close to 100% uptime as possible and only the best possible web hosting experience!

Brand You – Secondary Server in Singapore is now online !

Wow! Last night was something ! Ahmedabad hit by a cyclonic storm. Internet cables were broken, houses went without electricity but Brand You stood up and took the wave of troubles head on. We are online and yes without much of an issue. We have also decided to take extra precautions for the rarest of situations by joining forces with IBM Softlayer with a disaster recovery site in Singapore. All done and set up within the last 12 hours. We guarantee reliability and customer service always! The Brand You – Secondary Server in Singapore is now on line !

CIMS Foundation!!

Sometimes the important things include helping the community, helping save lives and giving more than worrying about receiving. We thank CIMS Foundation, a charitable trust focused on saving and helping people who can not afford healthcare, kids suffering from malnutrition and old aged people who live alone. We are happy to have helped them with their website – We owe it to such organizations who think about those who really need medical care – the future of this wonderful country of ours! Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 2.56.22 PM

Importance of Sign-ages

At Brand You, we believe sign-ages are very important, not just for people to be able to know what room is what, but also in terms of visibility. At Brand You, in order to serve both purposes,  and to make it simple to find your way around the Brand You office we have implemented signs for our Server Room, Electric Room, Library, Reading Room, Reception (May I Help You), and more!